2018 Evening Extension Gardener Course

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Class is for those interested in gardening. You can be a beginning gardener or a more advanced gardener and would like a refresher.

If you are interested in becoming an Extension Master Gardener℠ volunteer, this is a good way to understand the classes and requirements for this volunteer program.



5:30 p.m. – 7:30 p.m.


Class 1:

Think Before You Plant


September 10, 2018


Make the most of your yard by considering the BIG Picture to determine what you want and need from your landscape, the best location for different types of plantings, and to increase your understanding of how your yard can contribute to the health of our local ecosystems.

Class 2:

Growing Healthy Soil


September 24, 2018


Focus will be on common soil problems, how to diagnose them, and how to improve your soil with compost, cover crops, and other soil amendments.

Class 3:

Growing Veggies & Herbs


October 1, 2018


You will learn the basics of year-round vegetable gardening in beds and containers, including planting times and care of a range of crops, season extension practices, and integrated pest management practices.

Class 4:

The Care & Growing of Fruit Trees


October 8, 2018


We will explore which fruits can realistically be grown in our climate, recommended varieties and their pollination needs, care and pruning, and integrated pest management practices that will maximize your chance of success.

Class 5:

Selecting & Caring for

Ornamental Plants


October 15, 2018


During this class, we will discuss what you need to know to select the right plants for your landscape as well as learn about some of the best trees, shrubs and flowers for Hoke County landscapes. We will discuss how to care for your landscape with minimal harm to the environment. Practices covered will include pruning, weed management, watering and mulching.

Class 6:

Diagnosing Plant Problems & Pest Management


November 19, 2018


During this class, will learn how to diagnose plant problems by studying the symptoms caused by common pest insects, plant diseases, and abiotic disorders. We will explore sustainable, integrated methods to reduce pest pressure in your yard as well as how to control insect pest and plant disease outbreaks when necessary. Methods covered include creating habitat for beneficial insects, maximizing your plants’ ability to resist pests, and use of natural and synthetic pest control products.

This class is “FREE” and open to the Public. Registration is REQUIRED & is due by Friday, August 31.

Classes will be held at the Rockfish Community Building, 2749 Lindsay Road, Raeford, NC.

Contact N.C. Cooperative Extension, Hoke County Center for more information or to register 910-875-3461 or shannon_newton@ncsu.edu.

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