Beef Cattle Handling and Beef Quality Assurance Field Day

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Hoke County Cooperative Extension will be putting on a Beef Cattle Handling and Beef Quality Assurance Field Day on Monday, April 24 from 2:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. at JK Red Angus, 331 Tee Jay Farm Rd, Aberdeen, NC 28315. This Beef Cattle Handling and BQA Field Day will be an excellent opportunity to learn and receive information on beef cattle. Topics will include the following:

  • Working facility set-up
  • Safe and humane animal handling
  • What to do when you have the animals in the chute (vaccines, ear tags, etc.)
  • Trailer options and safety
  • Culling criteria
  • Beef Quality Assurance certification

Subject matter experts will be present to demonstrate low-stress cattle handling. Participants will also have a chance to practice handling techniques. To register for the field day or if you have any questions, contact Liz Lahti, Extension Livestock Agent, at 910-875-3461 or by e-mail at by Thursday, April 20 at 5:00 p.m.

The BQA Program’s mission is to maximize consumer confidence of beef by focusing the producers’ attention to daily production practices that influence the safety, wholesomeness, and quality of beef. BQA includes record keeping, injection site management, feeding, and animal care. Some cattle sales require BQA certification. For those producers who want to become certified, you must attend the field day, pass the test, and pay the fees to be certified. Costs are $15 for 3 years of certification for NC Cattlemen’s Association Members and $40 for non-members (includes a membership to the NC Cattlemen’s Association). Please bring a check to the training made payable to NC Cattlemen’s Association. Please let Liz know if you will be getting certified when you register. Please see the below flyer for more details.

Beef Cattle Handling and BQA Field Day