Saying Thank You: The Incredibly Powerful Pair of Words

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As a child, it was important that I had to say thank you. No matter how big or small (expensive or inexpensive) someone’s contribution to my life was, I should always say thank you. You should always acknowledge the act with a thank you per mom or dad, because you were reminded every time that if left out, they would say, “what do you say”, if you had forgotten to say thank you.

As an adult, I say thank you all the time. I say it to the waiter who brings me my food. I say it to perfect strangers who hold the door as I’m walking into a building. I say it to my coworkers each day, because I truly appreciate the effort that they make each day, which enables me to get my job done. I admit, I say it a lot but I mean it every time.

As a child, I was taught basic manners. As an adult, I find myself impressed with the youth I work with who practice etiquette (the use of basic manners) and try to impact that same wisdom with those who have not been so fortunate to learn these skills. I held an etiquette class two summers ago and had about 12 youth attend. This past summer, we were doing a summer class and during lunch, one of the students who attended etiquette was caught teaching another youth all about what they learned in etiquette. This showed me that the class had an impact on this youth.

Our role as adults is to help our children learn basic manners and to teach them to say thank you to everyone that impacts them along the way. By showing your appreciation with the use of these two words “thank you”, might bring on that only smile that person has shown all day.

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Posted on Jul 17, 2015
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